Brenda Jennison
Teacher-Sea Monkeys (Infants)
Brenda has been working with children for most of her life.  She started her official career in the field of Early Education in 1996 and since then has gained many years of experience in various early education and child care center settings, including owning her own registered home care.  Brenda obtained her Infant and Toddler Development Associate Credential (CDA) and continues to take a number of trainings every year on early education and related topics.
Brenda likes to.....absolutely loves working with infants, she believes they are a joy to work with.  She has five children, seventeen grandchildren, and six great grand children.  In the past six years Brenda has adopted two of her grandchildren.
"In the infant Room the babies have their own routine, they sleep when they need to, and they eat when they need to.  We tend to all of their needs.  We work with them, play with them, just enjoy them, and give them a lot of love.  Thank you for trusting us to care for your child(ren), It is a privilege."



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