Center Philosophy
We respect each child as an individual with the potential for growth and learning.  We provide loving care and we nurture each child's self-worth.  We offer many choices for the children.  We treat the children with respect.  We listen as well as talk to the children.  We offer an environment with a variety of experiences.  We believe in a child-centered model of care giving.  A developmentally appropriate curriculum shall be planned in advance to reflect our program's philosophy and goals for the children.  A weekly curriculum shall be posted for parent's to review.  A daily schedule of children's daily activities will be posted or otherwise made available to parents.  The daily activities guide will provide the following: indoor/outdoor time, activity time (quiet and active), group time (small, large and individual), large muscle/small muscle, staff initiated/child initiated.  Each child shall have their own primary care space to offer security and continuity in the program.  
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