Our goal at Little Tot's Academy is to create and implement a program that will provide a routine to allow for appropriate eating, sleeping, learning, and physical activities. This routine is flexible to the needs of the children, staff, special events, and any weather opportunities. During the course of the day, your child will experience group and one-on-one activities, outdoor play, music, art, and early language and reading activities. The child care center is open for families to visit at any time, and in fact, we encourage parent participation. Holidays and birthdays will be celebrated, if you feel you would like to do something special for any holiday or your child’s birthday the staff will be happy to help you carry it out. Developmentally appropriate toys and activities will be available throughout the day for free play. Each week a new curriculum plan is posted so that you know what your child is experiencing at Little Tot's Academy as well as a schedule for each age group based on their individual needs. Group activities, extra activities, special events, and field trips are planned monthly, with parent involvement in mind. Our goal is to provide the quality care that families look for, and deserve. 

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